July 29 2014

I should take my summer break but I am still attending additional classes. Sounds awful but for me it became a habit to be ready for school(but not the early wake-up call from my jealous phone).

Hands down to this book. The most fascinating, mind-blowing book I’ve ever read. I read this book last summer break and I thought its been a year but I still can’t get over this book. I am currently saving up the third book ‘Shadow Throne’ after I finish the book I’m currently reading which is ‘The Forgotten Killer’ by Douglas Preston and John Douglas and Gemma Doyle’s ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’. I don’t have a lot of time to read books of my choice but I take my take reading while waiting for the bus.

Anyway, So ‘The False Prince’ is a dystopian book where a boy named Sage was ‘kidnapped’ by a group of men led by Conner, a nobleman of the court, who devises a secret plan to train the kidnapped kids to impersonate the lost prince of Carthya. which is in a midst of  disarray due to the rumours about the King of Carthya and his family was poisoned to death. The candidate for this ‘mission’ are Sage, Tobias and Roden. Friendships, Betrayals and War. That’s what I love about dystopian genres. They actually give you unintentional advices in real life and make you get ready for war(haha)!


5810e5fb320e44daa778b64e5d1dfb2aThis movie too, has been two or three years since I watched this movie and it still gives me butterflies(I’m not a fan of romance books but when it comes to movies I can do a 1 month marathon). My favorite part of the movie was when they play the music video of the guy and girl studying and the old man who is complaining about the guy memorizing his English speaking.

Why do I have these entertainment anniversaries. Wierd.



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