Sunday sadness

Its sunday and everybody knows that Monday is a day not wanted playmate.

I’ve been enjoying my one week summer vacation in Bed but I had fun reading books and blogs, watching movies/series and taking a trip to this huge bookstore and it was magical.

And this all ends when school starts tomorrow. “this was supposed to be my happily ever after!” I don’t mind learning all new things at school its just that school here in Korea are tough like a slow internet. It gives you loads of work and the pressure and the competitions that floats around like dusts in the air. Never did I imagined that 1 year from the College entrance Examination is a short time for most of the students here. All I wish is to get done with and just graduate fast. But I have to say, there is no easy way out. Taking something for granted was never a solution and at the end you can’t really feel the success of the hardships.

Maybe I can’t really put whats on my mind in good words but I know that everyone should get the idea that shortcuts are not available for anyone. I mean there is none actually.



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