Gone Girl

Spoiler Alert.

Today I would like to talk about a book that made me realize bad, hit me with its unexpected finale. The book ‘Gone girl’ by Gillian Flynn was a randomly picked book while streaming trailers on YouTube. I’m not a fan of watching the movie then reading the book. I just think that it spoils everything so fast. Finding the trailer interesting, I immediately downloaded the book. This book has been queued in my library for a very long time so reading this book at first didn’t really gave me any much excitement. But yes, I was very happy I did read this book. I don’t know what to call this kind of book. Its a book you just can’t talk about to anyone because maybe, they will find you weird. I discussed this book to my mom and my mom told me to slow down on reading weird books!

A man who recently moved to a suburban area (his hometown) with his wife (a rich, spoiled new yorker) owns a bar who is managed by him and his sister by his wife’s money.He  received a strange call from his neighborhood one day and came home to see that his wife is missing. It was their 5th anniversary and the only thing that he had left of his wife was the traditional treasure hunt that she had every year of their anniversary. The clues were lovely at first, making him realize how he loved his wife despite the affair he still has with a student from his class but he came to realize too late that his wife was just playing him because she knew about the affair and she was just getting back. It shows that her wife was some kind of a sociopath, well I have to say she was too much spoiled and had watched too many CSI series. She hated his husband planned out this ‘wife murder’ plan within a year and stayed in a faraway cabin where she enjoys the punishment he has given to his husband in the national tv. But sadly, she realizes that his husband had learned his lesson by the countless video of him talking about her and the memories they had and all the stuffs she wanted to hear and at the same time robbed by a couple in the same cabin and left her penniless, which was a reason to turn on to her ex boyfriend in high school who was obsessed with her still. She realizes that his ex boyfie is keeping her from doing what she wants and forbids her to go out which she then plans the new plan, which is, to get rid of him. Now she got away came back to her husband although he hates her he had to smile for the press or else he will be the bad guy again. He planned to stay with her, find a plan, a flaw in her to take her down but she was always one step ahead of him, she made herself pregnant with his semen in the lab. And they lived happily ever after.

Im not good with describing and still struggling with my writing but you guys have to read this book. Its not always a happy ending when the antagonist dies or punished brutally or vanished by magic like what we have read when we were kids. The story actually never ends. I actually liked both of them, NIck and Amy, even though they were enemies. I didn’t had bet on someone or take one’s side because the author wrote the book with the stories from each of them, their side of the story. So I realized that even though how bad a person is there is always that cause, the reason why all of these happenings happened. Don’t be one sided, open your mind. Read this book.


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