Productively Sad

I had maybe finished editing the new short film that our club had been filming for 2 or 3 weeks despite of the loads of stuffs we had to do in school and I, who had to edit the entire video, took this saturday with endless cutting and replaying clips which is still in my head right now. I had my whole day editing videos and that made me sad and somewhat angry. I would have studied since its our midterm period but here I am throwing my time. Having to do this made me think I shouldn’t have done this. But I had to do this for my clubmates especially to the one who wrote the script and for those who participated and helped filiming all the way through. I dont know why im blogging this im actually sleepy right now and I need to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow without turning off the alarm so I can study the whole work that I had scheduled for today. I hope I wont be attacked by Mr. lazyness tomorrow. I need to study.


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