Summer in Febuary

I had a movie marathon the whole weekend while I was studying for my mid terms (it keeps me awake). I watched about 12 films and all of it was great. But I had to hold my temper during the ending of ‘Summer in Febuary’ where Emily Blunt plays the leading role with two men in her life. I loved the story and all but I hated Emily’s character. She was weak and proud. She was blinded with the happiness in a moment and decides things wich can change her life forever and yet she was too clumsy and for a mother, she lacks responsibility and maybe loves herself only. I know I criticize too much but I get furious ‘when a person only thinks of herself’. Spoiler alert. She killed herself twice, because she felt like she’s ‘one of the girls’ or not a special girl in the heart of his husband and the second time, when she carried the child of a man whom he loved and his husband found out and called her a slut in front of everybody. I MEAN DIDN’T SHE EVEN CONSIDERED THAT SHE WAS CARRYING A LIFE INSIDE HER BODY?


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