I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my future since I am a year close ending my high school life. And theres a lot of changes in the life that I used to know. I don’t even know if I’m choosing the right path for me. Adventure and fighting for rights has always been my interests and thats why I chose journalism and law as a career to pursue. It may take a long route which makes me want to take a step back but everytime I see the world in its unbalanced form I always jump into action. But what if I can’t achieve anything? In the stories of my mother she had a lot of acquaintances who were rich, got a decent education lived their youth to their best and so on. But half of them ended up in a life that was the opposite of what people had expected them to be. And maybe a fine career and a fair salary could be a symbol of success but what about their passion for what they dream of? I fear that even with a perfect planning there could be a chance of failure. But, you should always have the strength to initiate a Plan B.

In the interviews of Khaled Hosseini I had learned that he was a Doctor before he became a full-time writer and he was 40 when he decided to do what he loved. He chose the path of a Doctor because he didn’t want to return the hardships of his parents who sacrificed their everything just to take the road on creative writing. He was patient and strong and had hope that he can write and touch the peoples heart. I admired him by the first time I read his novel and for being brave enough to be a writer.

Due to my poor writing many of you wouldn’t be able to get my message but I will try to be the best, to pursue on what I love to do. Everyday I will improve. I will hope.


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