When everything doesn’t go into plan

Since the day I realized that I have to be well prepared for my future, I was obsessing here and there on how I can do stuffs. No procrastinating on any work, tried to complete all the tasks in my planner and not be late for school. I may have been sometimes lazy on small things and just wanted to push things off my radar but I always tried. But the other day I found out that I can’t be on any college in the Philippines. Since the implementation of K + 12 in the country, I received an unwanted email about them not being able to accept any freshmen for the academic year 2016 -2017. I was devastated because even if I am accepted into a college here in Korea there are many reasons why I don’t want to. I was dreaming and studying hard getting ready to be admitted into a Philippines university but it turns out I wasn’t lucky enough for the timing. But I still have hopes and who knows? Maybe this all happens for a reason.


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