To kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

Rating : 3.0/5

From the point of view of a little girl from Maycomb she shares the story of her childhood where she spent the countless afternoons with her brother playing and fantasizing about the debut of their neighbor Boo Radley getting out of his home.  His father Atticus is a widowed lawyer who despite of his time occupied with different cases never fails to discipline and educate his kids with kind guidance. But the family was faced with difficulties when Atticus was appointed to defend a black man. He was left with no choice but to do his work which is to protect his client. But is his client the only one to be protected?

Probably everyone knows about this book or heard it once in a while. But I just finished the book first week of January and watched the film. Not only it was great, it was kinda scary for a 18 year old girl too. It was hard for me at first to read a classic modern type of book since it would be my first time reading one but the writing was so beautiful that I felt I was in my  hometown.

First off while I was reading this I got confused because I thought Scout was a boy. Yes, a boy. I was very sure that I read the book with my heart and mind but I was lost when I was seventy pages after.  So I read it again finished it satisfyingly.  I really admired Atticus who have all this deep thoughts to tell his children. If Maycomb had a best single parent award that would be Atticus. And don’t forget the best non-parent, Calpurnia.

Both book & film I was amazed with Jem because of his open-mindedness and a true gentleman. Scout on the other hand always take her first step on the wrong foot but the minute she understands stuff she becomes like his father and brother. The characters and plot were well portrayed on film even though there were some missing parts but both were amazing.

Set in the 1930s there is a visible inequalities between the black men and women. But I assure you 1930’s or today it is saddening to see that we still have it now. Of course we may have an abundance of organizations that protects people who have different perspective, religion and culture. People nowadays also accept cultures that before extremely opposed. But that doesn’t mean its not happening. I live in Ansan, South Korea where a lot of foreign immigrant lives and everyday morning I come to see hundreds of foreigners from different countries starting their day in an alien land with alien people who look down on them. I am not emphasizing that all Korean people are judgemental and racist but some are. I am a Korean and its sad to know that despite of the growing economy of this country the moral standards are decreasing too. How do I know? Well, every time the topic of homosexuality comes up most of the class and my friends would strongly loathe them like they were criminals. I live with my immigrant father and he would come home telling us at our dinner table on how the Korean workers eat good stuff while they don’t get an invitation or anything. It breaks me that if these things are considered small discrimination in my society how much more can be seen in the news today?

Besides the childhood reminiscence of my childhood and its beauty I was more intrigued by the author of this book. She made a debut with this book and it became a phenomenal masterpiece but remained discreet up to now. She remained independent now living with her sister. I mean its not that I am planning to not get married and have a family. Its the simple life she has growing old with her sister. I am very close with my sister despite some annoyance with her attendance I would love to see my future sipping a tea in our porch near the beach with my sister 50 or 60 years later.  Ms. Lee also haven’t had any interviews or appeared on TV since way back the 1990’s I guess and still her books are the monthly purchase of many.

Overall this book left me with :

  1. Missing my hometown and the memories good or bad
  2. There’s no such thing as perfect family, there are absences but you have to take part on helping to create a loving family.
  3. Be an open-minded person. Respect each perspective.
  4. My first book of the year!

2 thoughts on “To kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

  1. Lori (Books o' the Wisp) February 9, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    To Kill A Mockingbird is an American classic and one of my favorite books of all time. I really enjoyed reading your review! Since it is a book I know so well and can’t imagine learning anything too new about it, I liked how you focused on its effect on you. It was interesting to hear your perspective on it 🙂 Thanks!


    • goodaysforsun February 24, 2015 / 10:16 am

      Thank you. This was my first review for the year and I am glad that you liked it! Have a nice day!


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