Flipped – Wendelin Van Draanen

I accidentally discovered this movie way back then but after watching it I never saw the eggs the same way again. I was so in love with the movie I later found out that there was a book. I didn’t read it until now probably three or four years after but I kept on rewatching the movie so today I just finished it and it didn’t disappoint me.

Rating : 5/5

There are two narrators of this book. Bryce, a boy who is irritated by the presence of the girl across his house and Juli,the girl. A bored Juli didn’t had anyone her age to play with. So when she heard about the new neighbors coming she took her chance to make a new friend. However, she flipped. The moment Juli touched his hands she fell in love. But that was not for Bryce. He was annoyed when she touched her hands and the endless chasing and stalking of Juli. They eventually fall for each other so its a happy ending.

But there’s more than just a young love in this book. In fact I’m not a big fan of romance novels or teen romance or such but this one is an exception. The book includes maturity, innocence, family, trust, friendship,courage and respect.

Juli had a mentally disabled uncle who his father really loves and refuses to send him to a government care despite of the family’s financial problems. It was a heart wrenching part for me because there are always people who judge the moral standards of a person depending on how they see the surface. Why not ask? Why not know the side of someone on why Juli’s family can’t afford to clean up their yard? And the grandfather was the only person in the Loski family who understands and the one who made Bryce and Juli realize the importance of seeing what’s inside.

I also loved on how Juli saw the world when climbing up up the sycamore tree. I used to climb ‘sarisa’ trees and other trees in my childhood although I climbed it for the fruits no view. You can really feel it in your bones that every climb to the top you have that little fulfillment in  your heart that there’s a price waiting for you there. That’s what made the sycamore tree for Juli that special.

The role of the adults here are big. Especially when the story is a continuous phase of Juli & Bryce growing up in the same neighborhood. Mr.Loski who has a mysterious past that maybe made him a cold person as he is today and Mrs. Loski who had a hard time coping up with it. Chet, Bryce’s grandfather and Juli’s father had the best advices for them. I admired the part where the sycamore tree was cut down and Juli’s father told her that ‘it was not just a sycamore tree. so don’t try to forget’ & made painted her her own sycamore tree.

This book has left me with :

  1. To be thankful for all the little things that I have.
  2. Fulfillment is not only acquired by getting the things you want. Its also the act of fully understanding and realizations.
  3. To be out in the nature more! Iv’e been stuck in the house for sooo long.

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