Naughts & Crosses – Malorie Blackman

 Rating : 3.0/5

What if the society of the past that we used to know is turned upside down? Sephy, a dark skinned girl who belongs to the cross society is fond of her childhood friend Callum. But Callum belongs to the whites, the naughts. They eventually fall in love but tragedy happens and believe that maybe in the end they can be free and fight the system.

I was having a hard time imagining the black as the powerful and the white people as the slaves.Not that I am a racist or against any culture but I have been watching a lot of movies reading a lot books about the history of how fair skinned people are set to rule. It has been planted on my head for so long and I am thankful that this book maybe brought my perspective another light. We can be stereotypes in so many ways but we just haven’t realized it yet. And another thing I thought while reading this book was either black or white, when blinded by power, you will make sure nobody can take it from you.

Maybe I have expected too much in this novel that it was just a good read for me. No feelings were rising after I finished this book. I have seen a lot of booktubers and reviews recommending this book so tried to give it a go. I don’t regret reading this but I wanted more. The story ended just like you were about to get a good sneeze. Overall the book was fast paced, the plot was good . I will be reading the next series ‘The Knife Edge'(I won’t be reading the 1.5 and 1.6) because I’m very curious on what will happen since the ending was unsatisfying.


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