What Languages can you speak?

I’ve finally decided to hit the go button on learning a new language. I have learned 4 languages growing up and I know them all by heart. & I wanted to add some up this year.

I’ve always been interested in different cultures and tribes of the world especially the languages they each speak. Its like a secret code of a person who is from a foreign land. They open and close their mouth and the sound that comes out with it can only be decoded of a person who can speak it. The beauty of language can never die in me.

I have also been fascinated by the different polygot in the world. For example Tim Doner, a 16 year old who can speak over 20 languages and was discovered when he posted himself showing his talent on youtube. He gave a wonderful speech in his TEDxTeen talk about the language barrier of the world, its understanding and his way of learning a new language. In his talk, he left an inspiring message “You can translate words easily but you can’t quite translate meaning”. That made me more inspired to learn a new language!

Currently I am learning Japanese at school and studying Spanish by myself. Although I am in my senior year in Korea which is tough due to college preparations I am hoping that I will be making another place in my heart for new codes.

Goodluck to me!

P.S. If you can speak other languages, feel free to comment your insights, share your culture and give tips on learning a language! ThankYou!


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