2015 May 23rd

You can always see on Facebook, Twitter or on other social networking site of the bashing of Filipinos to his fellow countrymen and his country. The Filipinos are always furious when they see one of these but are they siding on the right lane? I have frequently been asked if I really wanted to go back to Philippines and live there for the rest of my life. The answer is always yes, I do.

But I have to say, Philippines do not have a good government. They collect huge amount of taxes where who knows where it goes. It brags the continuous rise of economy but the ones who can benefit from it are few. The gap of the poor and rich grows everyday. People who seek for a better future fly out to a foreign country leaving their loved ones behind. Philippines, I believe is still at the bottom of the bottom. The country is still far away from the starting line. The government played a big part to it but so is does its people. Some mind-controlling TV station companies in the Philippines plants into the brains of the people for it to grow everyday and water them with the things that they wanted the people to believe in. Even the celebrities run for the office but they don’t see anything wrong with it. Or worse they don’t actually care. They are indifferent in politics. They say they have a lot of problems to handle to care for what is going on in government but care for the latest new gossip in the entertainment world. Education and the facts are hard to attain. People don’t have a shout for themselves. Its still far from democracy. The Philippines deserves more. When they open their eyes and be a part for a change, they can achieve more.


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