Shakespeare Retold : The Tempest


Rating : 3.5/5

The Tempest by Martin Waddell & Alan Marks(Illustrator) is a shortened book for the play originally written by Shakespeare. The book opens in a midst of a storm where the King of Naples, his son Ferdinand, his brother, Sebastian, and Antonio, the Duke of Milan. An old Milanese courtier, Gonzalo are struggling. The ship is wrecked in a storm and all the passengers and crew are thrown into the furious sea. Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, and his fifteen year-old daughter, Miranda, are watching the shipwreck from an island far away. She told him to stop but told her the real story of how they ended up in the island. He said once he was a Duke but his own brother Antonio overthrown him accusing him of using black magic. So he and his daughter escaped by the help of Gonzalo. They sailed the sea until they found an island inhabited by a deformed creature Caliban and Ariel a spirit he saved from a witch who is Caliban’s mother. The castaways ended up by the same island where Prospero resides. Ferdinand being separated with the group meets Miranda and fall in love. A book full of betrayal, love and magic eventually the good and the bad gets what each deserved.

I really enjoyed the book with the illustrations. Especially Caliban really scared me. I also liked how the book ends it with a short summary and informations about the author, the history of the book. Maybe later on I will read or watch the actual play.


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