The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult

Rating :4/5

Sage befriended an old man who turns out to be a former war criminal during the Holocaust. He one day ask her to kill him. She is horrified although she was not practicing jew her grandmother was a survivor of the Holocaust. As Sage tries to make her decision of what to do about the old man, he begins to tell her his story. In a parallel way her grandmother begins to tell her own story. These two stories help Sage decide what she needs to do.

The first pages where Sage narrates her daily life and the allegories that is written in italics who is about and upior(a monster) and a girl was okay for me. But when Minka, the grandmother told her story, I couldn’t put the book down. It made me think again about all those people who died without a fight. Those who survived but lived day by day in their nightmares.


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