Good thoughts

The past few days have been very wild on social medias since the legalization of LGBT rights. The rainbow filtered profile pictures on facebook has also been spreading like wildfire. A lot people support the LGBT rights and marriage compared to the past few decades. But still there are A LOT of those who are not in favor of samesex marriage. One of their main reason why they don’t support this advocacy is that their religion doesn’t agree with it. It is forbidden, a sin, offensive…and the list goes on.

Now here’s what I think about it.

I grew up in the Philippines without my parents. My aunt was the one who brought me and my sister up. She was a lesbian. Of course through the course of my childhood I did noticed that my aunt cut her hair shorter than any women in her age, wears clothes like a man and didn’t had any boyfriends or suitors. But I didn’t mind because I was a child and I loved her more than anything. I was in 6th grade when I found out. There was a lot of hints and same kind of events even before that but I did not noticed at all and only realized it now. I was very shocked and heartbroken. The person who raised me and my sister is a person who had to keep what she really is all these years. She was maybe afraid we’ll look at her and deny her. But no, I was not disgusted nor did I think it’s wrong or weird even though I was young. I love her and I don’t care if she is a lesbian.

She raised us with love. She was the one who taught me my first Filipino song. She was the one who taught me to make the sign of the cross and pray to God every night before I sleep. She was the one who made me learn English and Tagalog because I was falling behind my class. She was the one who tells me about ancients mythical creatures who lurks at night but do not be afraid because she’s there to protects us. She was the one who told me to be an independent and strong lady. She is my mother. I don’t think just because you’re gay, you are evil.

I have a lot of gay friends and I am fond of them. I have never seen them as someone who is different from us. But why do I see these negative responses from adults who loathe these people because they do not meet up to their norms? Especially when they wave their religious flags and strongly deny them as a part of the society. But I did not expect this from the Philippines. Sure, I knew most of the population were a Catholic and Catholics does not support gays but never did I encountered a person who is unwelcoming because a person is ‘different’ in the country. Filipinos are welcoming and the best entertainers when it comes to new people or guests. But why? Most of the people think as it is stated in the Bible marriage is a right for a man and a woman. Adam + Adam is not mentioned in the Bible so NO. But what about pope Francis who visited the country and said “If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” Is he possessed by a devil too? Is he a terrorist? Is he a bad person just because he respects?

We should be concentrating on the good. Its okay to have faith in your religion. But you can’t insult and pull down another being just because they don’t have the same beliefs than you do. If you have different views then why don’t they just stick to it? Why do you feel the need to make these harsh comments about them?

I’ve heard someone say “Biologically, gays can’t have their own offsprings so they can’t have a family and they can’t be happy.” This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Sure, they can’t produce a life together but they can be happy. It’s not just their right but they can be no matter what you say. Even straight couples can’t be happy or can have family. But that’s just what we are. We humans have flaws or make mistakes. And LGBT are humans too. They can be afraid to choose someone to be the one by their side till they die. They can be vulnerable, make mistakes, be wild. They are allowed to make mistakes and to enjoy life at its best. We don’t decide their happiness. We have to respect their life.

I love my aunt for what she is. I will always support and love her like she did for me. We haven’t really opened this subject because we knew in our hearts that I respect her and she is happy. There’s a lot of good things in the world. We just have to be positive and love one another. Do not use any excuse to pull down a person. Open your minds.


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