Everything I never told you – Celeste Ng

 Rating : 4/5

Lydia is the favorite child of James and Marilyn. But in a blink of an eye she’s gone. Her death shocks not only her family but the community. As time passes by she is forgotten. However her family is still in curiosity on who would kill the happy,

kind and smart Lydia.

They discover secrets and lies from the clues that they had failed to see before. Everything became clearer and its too late for realizations. A story of family, self acceptance, dreams and racism this novel shows the importance of seeing things beyond what we can only see with our eyes.

I thought this book would be a crime solving murder book. I always expected to find a murder weapon or some suspense behind. But this book pinched a part of my heart that cradled me to sleep at night.

The story is fast paced and most parts of it narrates a detailed story of both parents before forming a family. Of what they dreamed to be, their unfinished mission and regrets of the past that they wish to fix through their children. A very heart touching book that opens your eyes to the process of being a parent.


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