Abrupt endings, Long beginnings.

It’s funny how my life turned out to be in sync with the show that I’m currently watching. I’m on the last few episodes in The Office where *spoiler alert* Michael decides to leave the company to go marry and stay with Holly. He has been working in the company for 19 years and one day just like that, leaves it. I mean I haven’t been in high school for 19 years thankfully, but it felt like it. It makes me wonder why I hated being in high school and being here in Korea when I now grieve for it.

Few weeks left and I’ll be heading to the Philippines to attend university. It frightens me just by the thought of it. Start living all by yourself. In an unfamiliar place. alone. alone. alone.

But the most horrifying thing about college is the money that I will spend. Financial problems have been and will be the biggest challenge in my life. It’s not because I am a big spender or buy lavish things her and there. I am mostly sorry and guilty for my hard working parents. I hate the thought of them working hard to pay for my sister’s budget and mine. That’s why I worked during summer but my ungenerous company payed me less than I was supposed to get.

Long story short. I’m short. I don’t have enough money to buy all the things that I need when I return to the Philippines. And asking my parents for money has always been a big deal for me. Because the problem is, they would give it happily. They can’t even use the money that they had worked for to buy nice things for themselves and still they would give it happily, no questions. That’s why I have shorten my list of the things that I really really really really need to buy.

I wish I will be successful someday and buy them nice things that they want. Rather, ALL the things that they want. Without looking at the price tags just grab and buy. One day I’ll be reading this and smile and look around all the accomplishments that I have. Someday, I will. Because I may be sad with the near ending but I will try to make things happy for this beginning!


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