The Bridge of life

Yesterday I met some of my friends in high school just to have a little trip before I go to the Philippines. And as always I went there with a smiling face despite of the struggles that I currently having. I never really thought this trip was a cheering moment for me.

We met at Myeongdong, probably the most busiest tourist spot not only for foreigners but also for Koreans like us. We went to eat and stroll around shops went to Myeongdong chapel and decided to go to N Seoul Tower. We were hoping to ride the cable car but the waiting time was too long so we headed off to climb the mountain and we were really really exhausted by the time we were on the top. Then we went to Han River where we ate again and where they surprised me with a cake and a hot chocolate. I was really touched on how they put their little efforts into it. After that they were kind of murmuring on going to the “life bridge” which I had no idea of and followed them. That was the moment when I really wanted to burst into tears. I had a whole day of fun but I can’t seem to forget all the problems that I have. I was also in this negative shade that I can’t get out of. But there I was with my problems slowly melting. The bridge is infamous for the rising number of suicidal people. Recently it is called the “bridge of life” because an organization decided to write encouraging words on the lanes and can be read one by one when one is walking along the bridge. I can’t remember exactly what those words were but it sure made me thankful and blessed for all the little things that I have. I have clothes, shelter, at least three meals a day, education, life and healthy body. And here I am wasting a whole good day thinking about problems that can be solved somehow.

I am always trying to be strong for me and my family. Yet I always crumble and fall whenever trials hit me. I get up, but I get up weak.

So I have decided that from now on I will try to stay as positive as possible and stronger than ever. I need to smile and be contented more because life is literally to short to waste your time whining. I hope everybody will be happy too.


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